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Colorado Gators Reptile Park in Mosca

Ad Number: 25549
Seller: gatorfarm
City: Mosca
Phone: 719-378-2612
Ad started 6/1/16

Colorado Gators Reptile Park

9162 Lane 9 North

Mosca, CO 81146      





Colorado Gators began in 1977 as a fish farm to raise tilapia for human consumption. The geothermal well is 2050 ft deep and 87 degrees (F).

 In 1987, the first alligators were brought in as "garbage disposals" for dead fish. Some of these original gators are now 11 feet long and weigh over 500 pounds. Curious people started to visit the farm to see gators in Colorado, so we opened to the public in 1990.

·         There are many species of exotic animals on our farm, including:  giant pythons, huge lizards, big turtles and tortoises, rattlesnakes, ostriches, emus, pacu, parrots, and more!  Most of these animals come from uninformed pet owners, or sent by police and animal control agencies. We take care of these animals as best we can and display them for education of the public.

·         Open Daily 9 am - 6pm

·          Adimssion Prices - Kids 5 & under: FREE,

·         Kids 6-15: $7.50

·         Adults 16-64: $15.0

·         , Seniors 65-79: $7.50,

·          Seniors 80 & over: FREE


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