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Steel Building, Brute Quonset, 50'x90'x18' Heavy Duty - $16,000

Ad Number: 39005
Seller: Les_Porter
City: Alamosa, CO 81101
Phone: 719-589-2085
Phone 2: 7I9-588-3292
Ad started 1/2/18
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  • $16,000.00

Price reduced.  This is heavy duty material.

Call me. 

FOR SALE: Never erected Heavy Duty 50' x 90' x 18' Brute Quonset Steel Building. This is a 20 ga. 80000-lb yield steel structure.

This structure has steel roof edge pieces to fasten end walls, which you will either construct or purchase separately. This Quonset building weighs a bit more than 15,000 lbs. and includes base plates to attach arches to concrete slab or foundation.


I have and can use a capable front end loader. Purchaser should bring "at least" 200 square feet of heavy duty trailer or adequate flat bed trailers and tie-down equipment to transport.

Butyl sealant rolls [the "goo" that seals the arches] are damaged and need to be replaced.  You need to get fresh goo for assembly WHEN you decide you are ready to assemble.

Building with your end walls built is good for 100 mph winds and 30 pounds per sq ft snow load.

719-589-2085  land line

7129-588-3292 cell

[If you can unload a large flat bed trailer [up to deck height of 50 inches], we can deliver for a transportation charge depending on distance.] call. leave message if necessary on either line.

If you come to load I'll be glad to place arches and  heavy things on your conveyance.  You need to bring some young muscle to load and secure smaller parts.

If you are local!  Call me to make arrangements to see! and come by.   

Originsally I wanted to build one half of the 90 foot length over the other half.  Or roughly 45 x 50 slab,

With some good planning and building of a large capacity water and septic system, with facilkites bot up stairs and down.  Kitchens, bathrooms, hot tub glassed in on the south end,  plan your power supply in conduits like any other weel engineered domicile. 

Think of living in this quonset by building it at 50X45 with a 15 inch vertical spacing between each half and making an 8 ft lower full sized floor and a second level to fit an upstairs living space. 

I have some geothermal water and could keep a concrete floor at near 70 degrees easily. Electrical resistsance heating in the floor also possible or solar hot air or any combination and variation thereof. 

The dead air space is a good  insulator for the space between accomodations and the weather outside.  Filling the dead air space with fiberglass would prevent any convectional air tranport by thermal air gradients in a dead  but open airspace   Upstairs and down could be as much as a 3500 square ft. home. 

If I didn't live in it.   

 I wanted to empty and store two 48ft semi uttilty trailers and farm shop and equipment.  Wife wanted it for livestock.


But I now need to sell it. 


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