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The Best Reasons to Buy Local San Luis Valley Grown Food  
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The Best Reasons to Buy Local

San Luis Valley Grown Food


1.     If every Person in the San Luis Valley spent $10 a month on Local Food, we would keep $5.5 million dollars in the Valley each year.


2.     The Food is Fresher- buy locally and your food does not have to travel far to get to your table. 


3.     The Food is Healthier- When you buy a local product often it retains for nutrients because it gets to your table quicker.  The longer food sit, the less nutritious it becomes.


4.     Better for Our Environment- On average food travels 1,500 miles to get to your table.  When you purchase food from the San Luis Valley you help to cut down on the fossil fuels that it takes to ship food long distances.


5.     The Food is Safer- When you buy local food, you know the farmer and the facilities where your food is grown and processed and you can decide what is safe.


6.     Support Your Neighbor- You can support those living around you and this will help to bring economic security to families in the Valley.


7.     Create a sense of Place and Meaning- By buying local you can feel grounded to your community and feel connected to the land and people that surround you. 


8.     Help Protect our Land and Water- By using our natural resources for food production we can protect them for future generations.


9.     Protect Traditional Foodways- By buying local you help sustain the cultures of the Valley through the growing of traditional foods. 


10.  Food Security- By buying local you help to rebuild a food system that can support and sustain the residents of the San Luis Valley.


Date posted: 2/22/18
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