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Another look at Solar storage facilities and local economics  
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 Hi all!  Follow the links for some scrutinizing information on the economic connundrums of large scale solar facilities.  We live in exciting times and can help our selves, our country and our planet..How do we make the right choices???

 Federal government Betting on the Wrong Solar horse  

And-other links and info!.....

 Rocky Mountain Institute (finally) acknowledges problems with central solar:

"Nearer to RMI’s Colorado offices, residents of the San Luis Valley have raised other concerns about large, centralized plants being installed in their area."

And offers this.....

"The administration could avoid many of these issues and capture more value by shifting its focus to government-owned rooftop space.  The federal government manages a great deal of rooftop space through several entities, most notably the General Services Administration.

The GSA manages 370 million rentable square feet in about 10,000 buildings that serve more than 400 civilian agencies. Not all of the rooftop space on these buildings can support solar systems and many GSA buildings are in areas with relatively poor solar energy potential. But taken as a whole, the government’s building portfolio has massive solar potential. Certain agencies are beginning to take advantage of it, including the GSA, which has approved dozens of new PV projects. SolarStrong is a 300 MW project on residential military property across the U.S. that will generate enough electricity to power 120,000 homes"

"......distributed rooftop projects are one of the best near-term economic opportunities for the federal government to pursue—and one of the best long-term steps that can be taken for energy security and transformation of our aging, carbon-intensive electricity system.

Read the whole thing:  http://blog.rmi.org/obamas_renewable_energy_plan_lets_raise_the_roof

Date posted: 3/3/15
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