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This is the week to act on health care bill  
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Your weekly Indivisible to-dos:

  1. ALERT! WE HAVE 5 DAYS TO DEFEAT TRUMPCARE! The main thing everyone must do this week is to let your senators know how much you hate this bill and how much you’ll make them pay for supporting it. Make a call (make many calls!), show up, make your voice heard! Be sure to use our resources, contact info, call scripts, and event registration and RSVP on www.trumpcareten.org!

    BONUS: if you’re in a state with two Democratic senators who oppose Graham-Cassidy, or you’ve made all your calls for the day to your own senators, use our peer-to-peer calling tool to reach constituents in key red states and connect them with their Senators. Without your calls, this bill will pass. You’ve already dialed 191,000 times. Let’s light up those phone lines!
  2. National Day of Action to #KillTheBill. Indivisible groups across the country have registered more than 60 actions for a day of action today, Monday, September 25th, and dozens more this week. Whether it’s a sit-in or a die-in, you need to show up! Use our website to see if there’s an event in your area -- if not, create one now.

  3. Our blue state/red state calling tool is changing the healthcare fight. Help fund more calls to stop TrumpCare once and for all. Last week, we told you we were pulling out all the stops. We weren’t kidding. 191,000 dials. 37,000 minutes of calls. This tool is a game-changer and we need your help keep the calls going into the offices of persuadable Republicans like Senator Murkowski of Alaska and Senator Capito of West Virginia.
  4. A ban is a ban and it’s unconstitutional. Late last night, the Trump administration issued a revised Muslim ban that included non-Muslim majority countries. These revisions don’t change the fact that this ban is unconstitutional and un-American. Stay updated on what the new ban means by visiting www.nomuslimbanever.com.

  5. Ask your MoC to immediately pass emergency disaster relief for Puerto Rico. 3.5 million Americans live in Puerto Rico, and right now they need federal support. Hurricane Maria has devastated the Island, leaving at least ten dead, and millions without power. Puerto Rico deserves the same immediate federal response that victims of Hurricane Harvey received. Ask your members of Congress to make sure they get it without delay.

Dear Indivisibles,

Demand Congress provide immediate emergency disaster relief to Puerto Rico. Before really digging in on TrumpCare and the current state of play, we wanted to express that our thoughts are with the 3.5 million people of Puerto Rico. Puerto Ricans are American citizens and they deserve the same protection and federal support as any other American city or state. Right now the island remains under water, without power, and at least ten are dead. Congress must act THIS WEEK to provide emergency disaster relief to the Island. Demand that Congress do it, starting with calling your Representative.

And, if you can, please make a donation to Unidos to help people on the ground right now. The fund will be managed by the Hispanic Federation, a leading Latino nonprofit organization with more than 25 years of experience in providing disaster-relief assistance to Latinos in the United States and Latin America. One hundred percent of the proceeds will help hurricane victims and the recovery efforts through fellow community and civic organizations in Puerto Rico.

This is it: WE HAVE 5 DAYS TO KILL TRUMPCARE.  Thank you so much for all your hard work to defeat Graham-Cassidy over the last week. It’s impressive and it’s having an impact:

In just seven days:

  • Indivisibles in blue states (and DC!) dialed more than 191,000 times using our Calls to Kill TrumpCare tool to encourage constituents in Alaska, Arizona, Maine, and Colorado to call their Republican senators. That’s over 37,000 minutes (or 25.7 days!) of call time!
  • You visited our TrumpCareTen.org resources, call scripts, and contact information to put pressure on your senators over 179,000 times. One. Hundred. And. Seventy. Nine. Thousand. Times.
  • You’ve registered 156 events across the nation at congressional district offices over the course of the week to continue pressuring your members of Congress and for today’s National Day of Action to #KillTheBill.

We are floored. But this isn’t over yet. Republicans continue to make changes to their bill, trying everything they can to bribe key senators into voting for their terrible bill. That means we have to keep up the pressure until September 30, when their chance to pass this version of the bill expires.

Here is where we stand right now:

  • Don’t be fooled by McConnell’s Sham Hearing. Today, the Senate Finance Committee will hold a hearing on Graham-Cassidy in an effort to appease senators who have called for regular order. This hearing is a sham--we still don’t know what’s in the bill and CBO won’t have time to fully score it. No senator should vote for it without knowing its full implications. Make sure your senators gets that message.
  • The vote will likely occur between Wednesday and Friday. The vote on this latest version of TrumpCare will probably happen between Wednesday and Friday of this week, unless we stop it. If there is enough public pressure on senators, there’s a chance McConnell is forced to cancel the vote. That’s why it’s important to keep up the pressure.
  • We need to get to Oct 1 before we can rest easy. There will be a lot of noise about this bill all week and we’ll likely hear of senators switching their votes in both directions. The thing to remember is that Sept. 30 is the deadline for Republicans to pass their healthcare bill using the reconciliation process. That means, whatever happens this week, we need to keep the pressure on until we get to Oct. 1.

Here is the “F*&% this bill” plan for the week

Our ask this week is simple: keep telling your senators just how much you hate this bill. And we’ve got everything you need at www.trumpcareten.org. This has been a long fight, but it’ll come down to these next 5 days. Here are three things you can do:

  1. Use the next 5 days to plan or attend one more in-district action or event. Whether it’s a sit-it or a die-in, show up! Make some noise! Take bold action! Find a #KillTheBill event in your area on our TrumpCareTen.org website. And if there isn’t an event in your area, host one! Just be sure to register it on our website and so we can promote it to our email supporters and social media followers.
  2. Please, call your senators every. single. day. We’ve updated www.trumpcareten.org with resources, staffers’ contact information, and we post new call scripts daily.
  3. After you call your senators, use our peer-to-peer calling tool to reach out to constituents in key red states. It’s easy. We promise. All you do is let fellow progressives know how important their voice is in this debate (we give you a script!), and immediately patch them through to their senator. Once you sign up, you can keep making phone calls day after day.

Help fund constituent calls to flip key Republican Senators

Last week, we were excited to tell you that we were re-launching the blue state/red state calling tool to help amp up pressure on key Republican Senators. Our excitement was met with tremendous action from you and Indivisibles across the country. During the July healthcare fight, you made more than 100,000 calls to key Republican targets. But last week, you nearly doubled that by making 191,000 calls in just 5 days.

Your response has been humbling and overwhelming. Nearly 600 volunteers used our calling tool to make 72,000 dials and spent 12,500 minutes (that’s 8.7 days!) on the phone with constituents in Arizona alone. Combined with in-district office visits and calls directly from constituents, sustained activism put tremendous pressure on John McCain and he announced that he was a “no” on Graham-Cassidy last Friday.

Now, we have just 5 more days and we need to drive in tens of thousands more calls to Senators Capito and Murkowski, two key Republicans on the fence. And we need your support to keep the tool running.

We’ll keep the call tool up as long as possible so, whether you’re from a red or blue or purple state, you can take action to stop this bill by reaching out to progressive constituents in states with key Republican targets. But it’s not cheap. Even though we got a good deal on the tool (just 13 cents per minute!), we must drive in many, many more calls to residents in Alaska and West Virginia. If you can chip in just $26, that will fund 40 five-minute conversations with constituents in states with key Republican targets.

We have a big week ahead. We’ve won this before. And we can win this again -- but it’s going to take one final push to get us over the finish line. Thank you, as always, for standing Indivisible with us.

In solidarity,
The Indivisible Team

www.indivisibleguide.com | Donate

Date posted: 9/25/17
City: San Luis Valley
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