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How it works...



How to get started...

  1. Register (its FREE) - Just follow the prompts and fill in the boxes. Your information will not be shared with anyone! We require the minimum amount of information to allow us to do business with you.
  2. Place New Ad - Click here to fill in the details of your new item. Just fill in the boxes, add some more information and include up to eight photos.
  3. My Active Ads - You will see all your active ads listed together and will have the opportunity to add, edit, upgrade or delete them at any time.
  4. My Expired Ads - We save all your old ads. This is very handy if your ad expires and you want to renew. Also if this is a rental you have your ad ready to go again. The software will not save photos after 30 days.
  5. My Favorites - As a buyer (or seller) you can save your favorite ads.
  6. My Current Information - You can edit your registration information at any time, but cannot change the username.
  7. My Communications - In this section you will be able to view your e-mails from customers or other advertisers.
  8. My Communication Settings - You can decide whether or not to display your contact details here.

If you require further assistance, you may contact us and we will be happy to help you .

Selling Tips  


Here are some tips to help you sell your item:

  1. Choose the best category. Your item may fall into more than one category, so make your choice based on where you think customers will look first.
  2. Write a headline that contains pertinent information. This is what the customer will see while scrolling through the ads. If the headline is interesting the customer will click on your ad and see the whole page.
  3. Fill in the boxes with all the information, then add anything else you want to say. Try to limit your use of superlatives – but do point out the item’s best features.
  4. Use PHOTOS - use the power of the internet to make your sale!  First, be sure your item is clean and looking its best. Then set it up against a nice background and pay attention to the lighting. Take a bunch of shots and pick out the 8 best ones.

    Download the photos to your computer then upload them to your ad by clicking on the browse button on the add images page. This will open a connection to your files. Double click on the photos you want to use. You can even give each photo a title. (Hint: resizing your photos to small size will help them load faster.)
  5. You can have VIDEO with your posting but admin has to install it. Upload it to Google or youtube and and send admin a link to admin@slvjunction.com. We will take the embed code and add it to your posting for you.
  6. E-mail copies of your ad to friends.
  7. If you advertise in the paper, add the phrase: “see photos at slvjunction.com” and this will drive more traffic to your ad.
  8. Use WORD OF MOUTH to tell people to check out your ad at slvjunction.com.





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